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WHAT SETS KSC APART is our rare combination of White House, corporate and sports communications experience at the most senior levels. We partner with our clients to help them reach their business goals by targeting the right audience, telling the right story and being prepared for every opportunity and every challenge. Learn More »

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In interviews, more and more reporters seem to be asking "talk about" non-questions.  While the trend may be unpopular among many journalists, it's a free pass for the interview subject to drive a message.  Longtime news anchor and reporter Kathy Wyatt adds her own twist - with feeling.

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A #BestPractice for athletes on twitter: https://t.co/zBh8lZmhpz
Story on the similarities between comms/media in sports & politics - thx @sherman_report & @poynter http://t.co/FJFef6bZs0

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Kevin Sullivan’s career in communications — which includes the rare combination of White House, sports and corporate experience at the most senior levels — uniquely qualifies him to deliver entertaining, inspirational and informative presentations and candid Q&A sessions.

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