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For executives – and the comms professionals who at times draft quotes for them – it’s easy to fall into a trite opening sentence when announcing a new hire or partnership. The common misstep is a variation of “We’re delighted to announce…”.

Let’s commit to make 2023 the year of the interesting news release quote. Here are a few simple tips:

If you can say it in the body of the news release, don’t put it in a quote. Executive quotes should not include the facts and details of the announcement. The purpose of the quote is to add insight to the release – the “why” and “how” of the announcement.

Keep executive quotes brief. In most cases three sentences are sufficient:

  • The first sentence should focus on why this announcement matters and what makes it consequential.

  • The second sentence can add some background color, perhaps about the process behind the news.

  • The third sentence can look forward, possibly focusing on who benefits from the announcement.

Avoid jargon and marketing-speak at all costs. Read the draft quote out loud to make sure it sounds like something the executive would actually say.

The added benefit to this approach is that it significantly enhances your chances of media pick-up, which without a doubt will make you happy, pleased, delighted and thrilled.

Photo by Sergi Kabrera / Unsplash


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