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Media Training & Presentation Coaching

We give you a simple prep roadmap so you can relax, convey command and drive a winning narrative.

Since 2009 we’ve conducted hundreds of individual and group media training and presentation coaching sessions with executives, professional athletes, entertainers, coaches, and pro and college sports teams.  Whether in-person or via Zoom, each session is customized to address the specific issues and opportunities facing our clients and prepares participants with an audience-first mindset to comfortably deliver memorable and persuasive messages to today’s distracted consumer.  The best testimonial is that the majority of our clients hire us on a repeat basis.


Our Approach

  • Whether in-person or via Zoom, our presentations are customized, based on the client’s guidance.  We focus on the specific messages you want to drive and simulate real formats and venues. We use relevant best-practice video examples and address the most pressing anticipated media questions. We discuss (and test-drive) your overall key messages with an audience-first mindset.

Our Product

  • We begin with a presentation that covers today’s media landscape, provides a roadmap for effective preparation for interviews and tips for controlling interviews. We spend time on body language and also provide tips for improving as a presenter and storyteller.

  • The performance and message tips are helpful for all communications opportunities, from Q&A sessions and staff meetings to new business and fundraising pitches. The use of many entertaining — and instructive — videos sets an engaging tone and makes the teaching points memorable. Following the presentation, we conduct on-camera practice interviews and reviews. We provide the video files and a written evaluation for each participant, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. We’re available for follow-up phone consultation.

Our Experience

  • Since our founding in February 2009, KSC has become among the most sought-after national media consultants.  We have helped leaders of companies of all sizes, along with executives from non-profits, advocacy associations and policy institutes.  Our sports and entertainment clients include more than 70 pro teams and major college programs, WWE, the Harlem Globetrotters, Radio City Rockettes, a number of U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee national governing bodies, and the league offices of the NHL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and PGA of America.

  • The combination of our deep experience at the White House, in sports, entertainment and in the corporate media world is unrivaled. You can read the adjoining testimonials, but the best endorsement is that the vast majority of our media training clients hire us on a repeat basis.


Giving you the confidence to deliver presentations that are memorable and meaningful to your audience

Through a simple preparation roadmap, participants will gain the confidence to deliver presentations — both formal and informal — that fulfill a business purpose and are memorable and meaningful to your audience. Whether you are called upon to deliver keynote addresses and speak on industry panels or just want to do a better job with PowerPoint decks or running your staff meeting, we will help you connect with your audience and deliver a targeted message. We apply our coaching to impromptu speaking opportunities, sales pitches, video conferences and even informal conversations with colleagues and clients. We will emphasize the importance of gathering stories that make your message relatable and memorable.

Our approach, which centers on empathy, authenticity and the power of storytelling, is based on  five easy steps:

  • Prep starts with your audience. Identify the idea or solution you are delivering them.

  • Develop a structure for your remarks that keeps your audience engaged.

  • Connect with an attention-getting opening.

  • Make your two or three key points.

  • Leave the audience with a call to action.

We’ll show you how to make the most of your post-remarks Q&A sessions and cover the “Dos and Don’ts” of PowerPoint. We will help you get comfortable, even if like so many of us, you experience some anxiety around public speaking.


Every day, companies and universities see their hard-earned reputations and brands undermined — and even damaged — by the social media conduct of their employees and students. Our social media workshops and webinars:

  • Give our clients the tools to use social media with a purpose: To connect and engage with a targeted audience while establishing and protecting their brands. Through the use of entertaining case studies, we help our clients learn from the mistakes of others and benefit from the best practices of today’s social media stars.

  • Our training also provides helpful professional development. For young staffers and students, the stakes are high for social media missteps. Our coaches not only help our corporate and higher education clients protect their brands, but we help their people use the platforms in a way that builds and enhances their personal brands.

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