What They're Saying

“Through the years, Kevin Sullivan has been an important strategic adviser to me, both professionally and personally. Sports can be filled with intense, high-pressure situations and that experience served him well at the White House. In difficult times, his sharp instincts and confident presence helps solve complicated communications issues.

He is smart, hard working and patient but, most importantly, his optimism is infectious. Any team he joins will benefit from his optimistic leadership, strategic thinking and strong counsel.

Simply stated, Sully delivers results.”

“Kevin Sullivan is on Dallas’ media Mount Rushmore.”

“(Sullivan) makes everyone feel valued and leads with a consistently optimistic spirit. I guess that’s where Sully’s sports background pays off at the White House. He understands the importance of a team ethic and knows how to build it in his own operation."

“Saw where you brought in the Mavs’ old media pro, Kevin Sullivan, to handle communications. He’s the best, isn’t he? If he’d been in charge of Castro’s public relations, we’d all be smoking Cubans and singing Guantanamera in the shower.”

“In a short time, Kevin Sullivan has left a lasting mark on the Department of Education. Kevin’s unique talents and wide-ranging experiences proved a perfect fit. Taking over the new Office of Communications & Outreach, he kept the trains running on time and, more importantly, headed in the right direction. He made a friend out of every employee he met, and infused even the most difficult tasks with genuine good cheer.”