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What they are saying:


“Sully’s is the best presentation we have every year and whichever one is second isn’t close.”

– Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints TE


“Kevin is a highly entertaining, engaging and experienced speaker and moderator. His humorous and inspiring storytelling creates instant rapport with the audience, and his pragmatic approach is spot-on.”

– Kiko Suarez, Former Senior Vice President, External Affairs, Lumina Foundation for Education


“Your presentation and insightful comments on what it takes to ‘Become a Trusted Advisor’ were very well received by members of our team. The information you presented was fascinating and timely. We look forward to working with you again.”

– Bill Whitman, Vice President, U.S. Communications, McDonald’s USA


“Sully’s presentation had real credibility. Our players liked how he customized the presentation to fit the needs of our team and was able to make a direct connection with them.”

– Harvey Green, Miami Dolphins Senior VP of Media Relations


“Kevin Sullivan brings a level of enthusiasm, preparation, common-sense candor and humor to the roles of moderator, speaker, and facilitator. He lit up a room of state policymakers and college leaders convened for our firm’s Lumina Foundation-funded project on higher education productivity. I’d highly recommend Sully for any role where you need an engaging, sharp, diligent speaker.”

– Kristin D. Hultquist, Partner, HCM Strategists, LLC


“I’ve been in the NFL 17 years and Kevin’s was the best media presentation I have seen. He really helped our football team.”

– Mark Brunell, Former New Orleans Saints QB


“You provided a wonderful look behind the curtains of the West Wing ,which I think made us all proud and relieved to know that there actually are high ideals and thoughtful oversight in the seat of power.”

– Jonni Hegenderfer, President and Founder, JSH&A


“Kevin did an absolutely great job as the Distinguished Executive Lecturer for our incoming master’s students during our ‘Unite Week’ program. His keynote address was entertaining, struck precisely the right tone and left our students feeling inspired and better prepared for the challenges ahead. It was exactly what was needed to get them off to a wonderful start at Krannert.”

– Richard Cosier, Dean and Leeds Professor, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University


“Speaking in front of 85 tough professional football players who just completed grueling two-a-day practices in the Georgia sunshine and humidity is no easy task, yet Kevin made it look easy.

“He was fantastic. He was informative, entertaining, and he kept the attention of the room for the entire 40-minute presentation.

“I would definitely recommend him for your media training. He and I had a series of conference calls to discuss the format and hot button areas I needed him to cover, and he nailed it.”

– Reggie Roberts, VP, Football Communications, Atlanta Falcons

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