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Updated Take on A-Rod Presser

  • As long as no new contradictory information comes to light, he did enough to not have to take more questions, which was a goal…BUT

  • Should have named the cousin…the manhunt is underway and the story lives until that loop is closed

  • When asked if he cheated, a simple yes was the way to go…people want to forgive – especially sports fans…see not just the Pettitte example, but Kobe, too

  • Acknowledging he cheated would also have made all of it more believable…

  • Shows the importance in crisis communications of getting it right the first time – he could have said what he did yesterday during the Gammons interview – and yesterday could have been more about the Taylor Hooton Foundation partnership and moving forward…

  • Next steps: Make helping kids avoid steroids be his legacy – none of the other accused steroids athletes have done that…make the Taylor Hooton Foundation partnership meaningful and visible.


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