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3 Things Paula Deen Must Do in Her Today Show Interview

To begin the process of repairing her reputation, here are three things embattled cooking icon Paula Deen must do — and one thing she should not do — Wednesday morning in her "Today" show interview with Matt Lauer:

  • Express regret and take responsibility for her reprehensible comments without offering rationalizations based on what year or in what region of the country the hurtful statements and jokes were made.

  • Sincerely apologize to everyone she has let down — including Matt Lauer for stiffing him last week — and thank those who have stood by her.

  • Describe her plan to earn back the trust of those she has hurt – the actions she can take to show those statements were out of character and not representative of her beliefs.

And there is one thing Ms. Deen should not do:

  • Talk about how hard these past days have been on her.


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