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Video May Be King, But USA Today Says Podcasting is "Back - and Booming"

USA Today tech writer Jefferson Graham writes that podcasts, "once an esoteric outpost devoted to heavily tech-oriented chats, is booming." This is despite conventional wisdom that video is the online flavor of the month. Maybe it's because podcasts take me back to a time when I enjoyed talk, news and sports on the radio (how great was Larry King in his pre-CNN late night radio heyday?), but I am a big fan of the medium.

Here is a sampling of the podcasts in our regular rotation. Please send your recommendations, particularly on the topics of media and communications, to

  • ESPN's Pardon The Interruption (in case I miss it on-air)

  • The BS Report with Bill Simmons (love the pop culture-sports tie-ins)

  • Polioptics (on political communications and image-making, great fun that I get to occasionally guest co-host)

  • Firewall & Iceberg (on a big fan of Alan Sepinwall's work)

  • This American Life (great storytelling)

  • Inside Sports Illustrated with Richard Deitsch (great insight into the reporting process and at times, the PR process)

  • The Writer's Almanac (a treasure trove of literary fun facts, in just two minutes)

  • Saint of the Day (some inspiration)

  • Slate's Hang Up & Listen (lots of fun - no such thing as too much Stefan Fatsis)

  • Jay Mohr's Mohr Stories (at times, very funny)

  • Marc Maron's WTF (really depends on the guest, enjoy it more when Maron interrupts less)


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