Tom Luce - Education, Opportunity, and Civil Rights

Tom Luce's long career has taken quite a few turns: from private sector lawyer (where he once escorted the Magna Carta across the Atlantic as a a carry-on), to state government, to national education policy, and now to the non-profit sector. At each turn, he has stayed committed to a core belief: all Americans deserve opportunities brought through a quality education.

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Tom Luce
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June 22, 2020

The nationwide protests against police brutality have reignited the political feud that threatened to consume the NFL three years ago — players kneeling during the national anthem. But with rapidly changing political tides and more confidence in its own position, the NFL no longer fears President Donald Trump’s bully pulpit.  In fact, the league’s owners, players and Commissioner Roger Goodell are better positioned to weather a fight, insiders familiar with high-level dynamics in the league say.

One factor is Goodell’s independence. On June 5, he created the video in which he apologized for not listening to players’ concerns with little input from owners. In 2017, Goodell was still awaiting a contract extension and was facing new union negotiations.... +Continue Reading


Tom and Joe sit down with Kevin Sullivan, Founder of Kevin Sullivan Communications, Inc. and Sr. Advisor, External Affairs at George W. Bush Presidential Center. Kevin has excelled at the art of storytelling. Listen to the journey full of interesting turns, including a limousine ride with President Bush. From NBC to the White House, this is a story you don't want to miss. 

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This is the first of a five-part series chronicling the Dallas Mavericks’ 1980-’81 season, which was their first season in the NBA. Today: Laying the foundation. Saturday: Norm Sonju.

 As the Dallas Mavericks celebrate their 40th birthday today, Kevin Sullivan remembers during their first year of existence when they actually suffered from an identity crisis.

“There were a hard core group of people that were really excited from the very beginning, but there also were a lot of people in Dallas who did not know what we were,” Sullivan said. “I would be asked sometimes, when I was getting a haircut, ‘Mavericks? What is that? Is that soccer?’

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Brian Dameris and Mark Followill bring you the story of the 'Craziest Mavs Game Ever' aka 'Moody Madness' from the people who experienced it, Mavs legend Rolando Blackman & former Mavs PR Director / White House Communications Director Kevin Sullivan on a special 'Throwback' 77 Minutes in Heaven.

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From Point A

Kevin Sullivan, Founder of Kevin Sullivan Communications and former White House Communications Director, discusses his path from the world of sports to the White House and his business launch.

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As pitcher Roberto Osuna returns to court Wednesday in Toronto for the latest hearing in a domestic violence case, the Houston Astros, his new employer, are treading the increasingly narrow line that separates the lofty quest for redemption from gritty zero-tolerance reality.


On that point, initially, the Astros are struggling. The defending World Series champions, who acquired Osuna via trade Monday from the Blue Jays, are being described in the national sports media as moral bankrupts, sacrificing a portion of their boundless supply of local goodwill for an arm, no matter how tainted its owner, that can get outs in the ninth inning.

Osuna, who has not pitched since he was arrested in May and is serving a 75-game... +Continue Reading


Published Oct. 22, 2015 /

At the dawn of 2015, I made a New Year’s resolution. I vowed to try to rely less on email and actually use the good old-fashioned phone to reach out to public relations people on my various beats. Even if I didn’t have anything on the agenda, I planned to dial someone’s number just to see what was going on.

You know, how’s the family? What’s the latest at your place?

Of course, New Year’s resolutions never stick. So along with my vow to read more and eat less, I haven’t come close to calling PR folks as much as I had hoped.

I make that admission to show that I am just as guilty as anyone in being part of a horrible trend in media: Journalists and PR people have... +Continue Reading


We’re thrilled to be featuring longtime JSH&A friend Kevin Sullivan. For years, “Sully” has been a wonderful resource for us and our clients, offering advice on all things media related. His new ebook, Breaking Through, is a must read. Thoroughly entertaining and informative, it offers clear counsel on what to do when the media comes calling. I sat down with Sully and asked him a few questions about it. A summary of our chat is featured below.

What prompted you to write this book?

Mostly it was the encouragement of my wife, Jo Anne. She had heard my stories more than a few times and thought that PR people – especially those starting... +Continue Reading / August 9, 2015

Paul Chryst was a picture of comfort on the morning of the final day of July, his legs stretched out as he sat in a booth at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago.

The hard part, for all intents and purposes, was over at that point for the University of Wisconsin football coach, who was passing time by chatting with his older brother Rick.

The TV above them was showing Big Ten Media Days coverage on Big Ten Network. On the screen at the time was Nebraska coach Mike Riley, who was at a podium inside a ballroom a short walk from where the Chrysts were seated in the hotel overlooking Lake Michigan.

Paul Chryst wasn’t paying much attention as Riley answered questions during a 15-minute session with reporters from around the... +Continue Reading