​Gold and Black LIVE stream with special guest Kevin Sullivan, Purdue grad/national media consultant, and Sean Callahan of Husker Online.

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After George Floyd’s death, many athletes and sports leagues pushed back more forcefully against the president’s demand for standing during the national anthem, and he shifted away from the issue.

For most of his presidency, Donald J. Trump reliably called out athletes who he felt were disrespecting the national anthem, the flag and him.

But the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25 set off waves of protest and galvanized athletes in an election year to more forcefully repudiate Trump’s demand that players stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner” before games. Athletes were also inspired to spur voter registration and turnout as stadiums and arenas became polling places.

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The pandemic is propelling the subject from the academic fringe towards the core curriculum

Tobias Rölz joined the crisis management team at Komax, a Swiss company that makes machines for wire processing, as Covid-19 swept the world in March. Fortunately he could turn for guidance a cheat sheet from the executive MBA he completed last year.

The guide to leading in a crisis stressed that the first priority is to protect your people. Rölz, who is in charge of global sales, services and IT, held regular video conferences to update remote employees on developments in their region and on the company’s response (it closed most of its production sites in lockdown).

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With Josh King and Kevin Sullivan: A staffer from Team Dukakis '88 and his Republican counterpart explore how the most disastrous photo op in history still shapes politics today.

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Kevin Sullivan is a communications strategist who has previously served as White House Communications Director and as a Senior Vice President for Corporation Communications with NBC Universal. In this episode, we discuss the art of capturing attention with simple and targeted messaging. In addition, Kevin reveals the similarities of the high-performance teams he's served on – from the Dallas Mavericks to the White House.

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Sports and Humanity.
Sports and Care.
Sports and Leadership. 

Kevin Sullivan's (@KSullie) message to the #sports industry: "In 2021, remember the words you said in 2020."

Join us tonight for the #SBJAwards:

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August 31, 2020

Communication has traditionally been viewed as the art of persuasion. Buy my product. Vote for my candidate. Donate to my nonprofit.

This year as leaders have navigated both the coronavirus pandemic and the national conversation on ending systemic racism, the communications landscape has profoundly shifted. The most effective leaders are using their communications opportunities to earn trust.

There are four foundational principles for earning trust through communication:

It’s about your audience: Your primary message consideration must be focused on what is most important to your target audience. As a leader, it’s no longer about you and your enterprise. My consulting colleague Elton Gumbel told me, “... +Continue Reading


Geoff and Jonathan speak with sports, political, and corporate communications pro Kevin "Sully" Sullivan about advising everyone from NFL and NBA teams, to media networks, to the President of the United States. Sully shares a behind-the-scenes look at working with high profile principals on communications strategy, and tells the story of how he broke the ice in his job interview with President George W. Bush. Make sure to check out Sully's book Breaking Through: Communications Lessons From the Locker Room, the Board Room & the Oval Office, available on Amazon.

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On the latest episode of Full Steam Ahead: A Podcast About Purdue, FOX59’s Adam Bartels talks with Kevin about his many career experiences, his favorite memories, his book, the importance of communications and relationships, and more!

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Tom Luce - Education, Opportunity, and Civil Rights

Tom Luce's long career has taken quite a few turns: from private sector lawyer (where he once escorted the Magna Carta across the Atlantic as a a carry-on), to state government, to national education policy, and now to the non-profit sector. At each turn, he has stayed committed to a core belief: all Americans deserve opportunities brought through a quality education.

Kevin Sullivan
Tom Luce
Andrew Kaufmann

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