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Help for the Twitter-Challenged…Chris Paul’s marketing rep on LeBron…USA Today gets best story ideas from bloggers…

Today I participated in the 6th Annual Sports Event Marketing Experience – a two-day conference sponsored by Georgetown and held this year at the Nationals Park Conference Center. Matt Winkler and his team from Georgetown once again assembled an impressive lineup of speakers. Here are a few highlights from an interesting day:

From the panel on The Changing Role of News and Social Media in Sports:

• Octagon’s* Jim DeLorenzo offered hope to all of us Twitter newbies who are trying to figure out how to manage the tsunami of information out there. He described Octagon’s Twackle (, which organizes... +Continue Reading


Here’s my take on the debate over whether President Obama should have gone on ESPN to fill out his NCAA tournament bracket and appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. For the White House message team, there is great value in showing the President doing what the American people are doing at a given time of year – back to school, July 4th picnic, baseball opening day, etc.

At a time when millions of Americans have swiped work time to organize tournament office pools, do research, fill out their brackets and of course, watch games online until their boss walks in…it’s okay – even during the economic crisis – for the President to fill out a bracket. It connects him with lots of Americans – even if Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and fans of teams he didn’t pick – are not among them... +Continue Reading


Generally, A-Rod did very well under tough circumstances and as long as no contradicting information comes to light, he accomplished his goal of putting this behind him – at least in terms of legitimately being able to say he has addressed it and decline further questions on this topic. (The hot pursuit of the unnamed cousin I’m sure has already begun).

He answered the questions regarding the how, what and where details in a fairly satistfying way. He took more than 25 questions and generally was candid and open. His emotion about his teammates seemed genuine.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation partnership is smart and I’m sure, sincere. More details and emphasis on that would have been helpful.

Two points could have been made more effectively. When asked if it was... +Continue Reading


So no cabinet seat for the nominee to be new drug czar – Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske…helps that teen drug use dropped 25% under President Bush – but still odd given Mexico violence…Director John Walters had turned the office’s attention to teen abuse of prescription drugs…hopefully the new guy can maintain the progress and accomplishments of last eight years…

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President Obama is the most gifted and effective communicator of our generation…but does anybody else think his reliance on the Teleprompter is a little odd? Today as he announced Gov. Sebelius as his nominee for HHS Secretary, her face was obscured in the wide shot by the prompter plate…the same thing happened last week when the President shared the East Room stage with VP Biden – the VP’s face was covered by one of the plates…the one that really stunned me was setting up the Teleprompter on the factory floor at the Caterpillar plant in Peoria a couple weeks ago…Presidential remarks are always carefully staged, but a Teleprompter in a blue collar setting seems a little tone deaf – and also reminds everybody watching at home just how staged the events are and just how much help the... +Continue Reading


  • As long as no new contradictory information comes to light, he did enough to not have to take more questions, which was a goal…BUT
  • Should have named the cousin…the manhunt is underway and the story lives until that loop is closed
  • When asked if he cheated, a simple yes was the way to go…people want to forgive – especially sports fans…see not just the Pettitte example, but Kobe, too
  • Acknowledging he cheated would also have made all of it more believable…
  • Shows the importance in crisis communications of getting it right the first time – he could have said what he did yesterday during the Gammons interview – and yesterday could have been more about the Taylor Hooton Foundation partnership and moving forward…
  • Next steps:... +Continue Reading