Video May Be King, But USA Today Says Podcasting is "Back - and Booming"

USA Today tech writer Jefferson Graham writes that podcasts, "once an esoteric outpost devoted to heavily tech-oriented chats, is booming."  This is despite conventional wisdom that video is the online flavor of the month.  Maybe it's because podcasts take me back to a time when I enjoyed talk, news and sports on the radio (how great was Larry King in his pre-CNN late night radio heyday?), but I am a big fan of the medium. 

Here is a sampling of the podcasts in our regular rotation.  Please send your recommendations, particularly on the topics of media and communications, to


ESPN's Pardon The Interruption (in case I miss it on-air)

The BS Report with Bill Simmons (love the pop culture-sports tie-ins)

Polioptics (on political communications and image-making, great fun that I get to occasionally guest co-host)

Firewall & Iceberg (on a big fan of Alan Sepinwall's work)

This American Life (great storytelling)

Inside Sports Illustrated with Richard Deitsch (great insight into the reporting process and at times, the PR process)

The Writer's Almanac (a treasure trove of literary fun facts, in just two minutes)

Saint of the Day (some inspiration)

Slate's Hang Up & Listen (lots of fun - no such thing as too much Stefan Fatsis)

Jay Mohr's Mohr Stories (at times, very funny)

Marc Maron's WTF (really depends on the guest, enjoy it more when Maron interrupts less)